Steam Punk Cat by artist ALIOSH'K

Not a hair blog, it’s Mock Data: more real than News

This is not a Blog! This is a sandbox! Bring your bucket of commentaries, dig up some gems and watch the building castles of castles unfold.

We hope you enjoy some of the readings as good-willed residuals of our development and testing process. No, we did not test on animals, just Educational systems, Catering companies, musical band merchandising and an artist who wants to decorate your house in his original Steampunk Cat paintings in oil.

Writing code and integrating systems is one of the things we do. Tales of WordPress 3 having implemented a RESTful API, the lure drew us to tinker with our own personal WP server installations.  In order to gain the benefits of Test Driven Development, we have to test our functionality on data. Normally, if we were going to make an adapter from one CMS to another, we would just plunk-in some Lorem Ipsum fake Latin text and test off of that. This does not make us focus closely enough to the target-audience, and their needs. Even more detached, we might just use someone’s Mock data entries instead.

Now, if I enjoy reading some articles and find them worth of sharing, then why not post them, with proper accreditation and plugs to the primary writers. Other readers get a nice annotated and linked article to read and I get more than just “Mock Data” to test against.

Examining the target market of a particular subject, and you’ll notice that this blog has diverse categories, is a good developer’s Kata. The proactive Agile approach of “Deliberate Discovery” affords a lot of ideas for improvements and what a particular customer would want.

It is estimated that 28% of the websites are hosted on WordPress. My personal developments are on private servers, but in the near future, you may benefit from some WordPress related code-crumbs in the public eye at over at GitHub. Of course, first we’ll blog about it.


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